Spot Illustrations for AFAR Magazine

A spot illustration is small design that fills a gap on the page. They can be used to add interest to what would otherwise be a full page of copy. I made all the spots below for AFAR Magazine's Spin the Globe feature. 

A Very Early Piece - Wedding Portrait

This portrait was the second papercut I ever made. It was a gift for some friends of mine who were getting married. I remember sitting in the back garden and cutting it with a cheap, blunt scalpel. I didn't have a cutting mat either, I was just leaning on a piece of cardboard. 


The Detox Myth - Psychologies Magazine

New illustration for Psychologies Magazine in the UK.


 The idea behind the illustration is that 'detoxing' is a myth that we are being sold and our bodies, organs are perfectly capable of detoxing without pills and potions. However, we as consumers are buying into the fairytale idea that if we follow the detox path then we will find our happy ever after. 


Propose with Papercut.

Propose with this very special memento, where their answer will complete the paper-cut! Cut by me, with your beloved's name at the top. I will also cut around the YES or NO tick marks, without removing them completely, so that the chosen answer is easy to snip away! Order here.


Timelapse Video

I bought my husband (check out his amazing art here) a GoPro for Christmas, then promptly swiped it to record myself in action. Wearing the camera attached to my head I filmed the start, middle and end of the cutting process. I've edited out a lot because it turns out watching a papercut spin round and round for too long is not only a bit dull, it could also bring on mild nausea. You can see the full papercut and read the story about the commission here

Olympia Provisions

I recently designed the book cover for the well loved Portland Charcuterie and Restaurant company Olympia Provisions. You can buy the book direct (with salami!) or here


Their salamis and other offerings are delicious and if you are not in Portland.. they deliver! The Salami bouquet is an excellent gift, I know cause the publisher sent me one. Thank you!

A rigorous exploration of what American charcuterie is today from Portland’s top-notch meat company, featuring in-depth techniques for crafting cured meats, recipes from the company’s two restaurants, and essays revealing the history and personalities behind the brand.

Portland’s Olympia Provisions began as Oregon’s first USDA-certified salumeria, but it has grown into a mini-empire, with two bustling restaurants and charcuterie shipping out daily to all fifty states. In his debut cookbook, salumist and co-owner Elias Cairo dives deep into his distinctly American charcuterie, offering step-by-step recipes for confits, pâtés, sausages, salami, and more. But that is only the beginning. Writer Meredith Erickson takes you beyond cured meat, exploring how Cairo’s proud Greek-American upbringing, Swiss cooking adventures, and intense love affair with the outdoors have all contributed to Olympia Provisions’ singular—and delicious—point of view. With recipes from the restaurants, as well as extensive wine notes and nineteen frankfurter variations, Olympia Provisions redefines what American charcuterie can be.

60th Anniversary Papercut

They took a Greyhound on a "Get to know Your Government” trip, sponsored by the local ‘Y’ to Washington DC and New York City. They sat together after they were introduced... and here we are 60 years later!


Chocolate for the Soul.

This papercut was commissioned as a wedding gift and it was inspired by a poem (uncredited atm as I cannot identify an author).

Chocolate for the soul,
Tales of adventure short and tall,
Wheels and wings and feet for momentum,
A pot that’s stirred to feed us all.

Salt in the air from the sea in the sun,
Red wine in the afternoon.

Collar pulled up at the wind at your neck,
A million stars bathe the moon.

Hiding is fun when you count to one hundred,
Secrets are only when no one else knows.

Icy beds mean bodies for blankets,
White blends with white in the snow.

Following the footsteps of famous explorers,
Boldly going where they’ve been before,

Chatting away when you’re snug as a bug,
But out like a light with the gentlest of snores.

The tickling scent from market and pan,
Packing boxes packed once more.

A thousand toe prints left in the sand,
A nervous knee touches the floor.

Smiles for the anxious,
Hugs for solace,
Chocolate for the soul.
Tales of adventure short and tall,
Wheels and wings and feet for momentum,
A pot that’s stirred to feed us all.

Beez Neez - The Very First One!

This is the first papercut I ever made. It was my overseas boyfriend's birthday and I was looking for something that inexpensive to make (I had the paper to hand) and cheap to post. So I made this and sent it to him. We have been married now for nearly five years and sometimes I tease him that I only married him and moved to the US to have the original papercut back in my possession! The cutting is pretty wonky and it hangs in a cheap plastic frame, but I think that's all part of it's charm. It is the only piece I have ever 'signed', with a JMH at the bottom. 

You can have a go a cutting it for your loved one too!


Smashing the Glass Blog

If you want inspo for a Super Cool Jewish Wedding you just need to visit Smashing the Glass. As well as covering a variety of different weddings, Karen, the energy behind the site offers inspiration lists for the different suppliers/vendors you might need for your big day. She kindly included me as a ketubah designer.

The ketubah (which means “something written” in Hebrew) is an integral part of the Jewish wedding and it outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom to the bride. The contract dates back to ancient times but it’s come a long way since then! These days ketubahs (or ketubot, the Hebrew plural) are less about the business of marriage and more about the beauty. They have come to symbolise the love and commitment of a couple, and are often beautiful creations that the couple want to display prominently in their home well after their big day is over. It serves as a tangible memento of their love and also symbolises their relationship and new stage of life together.