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If you want inspo for a Super Cool Jewish Wedding you just need to visit Smashing the Glass. As well as covering a variety of different weddings, Karen, the energy behind the site offers inspiration lists for the different suppliers/vendors you might need for your big day. She kindly included me as a ketubah designer.

The ketubah (which means “something written” in Hebrew) is an integral part of the Jewish wedding and it outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom to the bride. The contract dates back to ancient times but it’s come a long way since then! These days ketubahs (or ketubot, the Hebrew plural) are less about the business of marriage and more about the beauty. They have come to symbolise the love and commitment of a couple, and are often beautiful creations that the couple want to display prominently in their home well after their big day is over. It serves as a tangible memento of their love and also symbolises their relationship and new stage of life together.